DOING MORE FOR LESS Strategic Partner

Onyx Services are a customer focussed strategic provider of specialist services and software solutions to the energy industry.

The company was born out of the genuine desire to help our clients face the modern-day challenge of “doing more for less” as industry grapples with declining demand, lower budgets and reductions in staff numbers.

Our team of highly skilled experts in control systems and enterprise IT software have been solving energy client’s complex power problems for over 20 years.

We are your cost effective, reliable, control systems service provider and strategic partner.



Shitbox Rally

A few members of our Onyx Services  team, Steve Black, Stephen Szalla, Julian Rouse, and Matt Pember are set to participate in the exhilarating Spring Shitbox Rally from Bendigo to Townsville, spanning October 18th to Oct 26th, 2024. The Shitbox Rally is an annual charity event…

Onyx is Hiring

Onyx are in need of experienced industry professionals that have GE PowerOn Fusion, PowerOn Advantage and / or GE e-terra skills. If you are an Engineer, Sys Admin, or Operator, we would love to hear from you!       …

Horus Trading System

Introducing Horus

The Onyx team are proud to release the Horus Trading System. We have deliberately kept hush over the past four years to give ourselves the time to deliver to promises made to existing clients without over-promising. We also needed…

Onyx Services NZ Opens for business

Onyx NZ Opens

After almost 7 years of operations in Australia, the Onyx team have incorporated in New Zealand! It has always been our plan to grow the Onyx brand and business accross Australia and internationally. We are firm believers in our…

Filming the Horus Promotional Video

Lights, Camera, Action

The Onyx team have been busy filming snippets for the Horus Trading System promotional video. It has been a hard day or nodding, pointing and filming, but we are sure that all of the hard work that the Onyx…

School Art Competition Voting

Art Voting Begins

The Onyx Team are all busily studying the finalists entries for the electricity-themed art competition we are sponsoring at a local primary school. It is interesting to hear the different views of the team as they discuss the art…