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The energy industry is a complex beast

Luckily we understand

Onyx offer support services and solutions to help you manage and enhance your complex operations. Whether you’re looking for a little help, or in need of a lot, we’ve got the team with the skills and experience to assist.

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Experts in Control Systems and IT

Onyx’s team of highly skilled experts in control systems and enterprise IT software have been solving energy clients’ complex power problems for more than 20 years

Our unique blend of expertise in Operational Technologies (OT) and traditional Information Technologies (IT) allows us to deliver enterprise class software services and solutions which meet real-time operational needs, while also conforming to IT best-practices.

No longer do you have to settle for an IT vendor who lacks qualified Electrical Engineers, nor are you stuck with Engineers who lack knowledge of formal IT disciplines, processes and practices

Minimise overheads, errors and re-work

Specialists in Process Automation

Our team lead the way in control systems and IT applications automation, delivering high quality solutions through the use of repeatable and efficient software build, test and deployment processes.  Onyx’s automation offering complements both in-house and outsourced support arrangements, reducing support overheads and vastly simplifying systems upgrades.  Our expertise in automation is a substantial differentiator for Onyx over our competitors

Delivering quality at competitive rates


Onyx are second to none when it comes to value for money. We pride ourselves in delivering measurable value and providing excellent service at very competitive rates. We also have a proven ability to advise on and implement strategic initiatives to lower your total cost of ownership

No nonsense approach

Straight-shooting, Practical and Impartial

We always strive to simply do what makes most sense, tailoring solutions to the situation and the client’s needs. Many vendors simply aim to sell their products regardless of your specific needs, however as Onyx are vendor and technology agnostic, we are able to provide independent, honest and impartial advice without favour or bias