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Shitbox Rally

Shitbox Rally

A few members of our Onyx Services  team, Steve Black, Stephen Szalla, Julian Rouse, and Matt Pember are set to participate in the exhilarating Spring Shitbox Rally from Bendigo to Townsville, spanning October 18th to Oct 26th, 2024. The Shitbox Rally is an annual charity event where participants form teams, raise money through sponsorships and donations, and then embark on a multi-day […]

Onyx Is Hiring

Onyx is Hiring

Onyx are in need of experienced industry professionals that have GE PowerOn Fusion, PowerOn Advantage and / or GE e-terra skills. If you are an Engineer, Sys Admin, or Operator, we would love to hear from you!                               ABOUT THE ROLES Title: Senior Control Systems […]