Advice and Consultancy Services

Expert independent advice and consultancy services

Expert independent advice and consultancy, delivered impartiality by our energy domain specialists

The key to Onyx’s service offering is the experience and knowledge of our staff and contractors.  With over 20 years of hands-on experience in the energy industry, the team at Onyx are well placed to help our clients achieve their project and business goals. 

Whether it be the need for an independent review and assessment, advice and assistance with your real-time systems strategy, or additional resources to back-fill staff or work on projects, Onyx is here to help. 

Onyx brings a straight-shooting and practical approach into everything we do.  Central to our team’s philosophy is the desire to “keep it simple” or in other words “to avoid over-complicating things”.  In our experience, this approach always leads to more stable, maintainable and robust solutions.

While Onyx has the extensive local and global industry experience to meet many of our client’s needs, we are the first to admit that we can’t know everything.  In these circumstances, Onyx calls on its vast network of trusted industry experts to either assist Onyx in delivering the service, or to assist in putting our clients in touch with the right resources to help them. 

Choose Onyx, we genuinely care about helping our clients achieve the right solutions.

Services and Capabilities

Control and Market Systems 

  • SCADA, EMS and MMS strategic partner
  • DMS, OMS and AMI strategic partner
  • Full support and maintenance offering
  • System's design, specification and configuration
  • System's security and architecture
  • System installation, staging and testing
  • Commissioning, user training and documentation
  • Integration, interfacing and B2B services
  • Project, program and vendor management
  • Consultancy and advisory services
  • Strategy and planning
  • Modelling, simulation and optimisation

GE Specialist Capabilities

  • PowerOn Reliance EMS
  • PowerOn Fusion DMS, OMS and SOE
  • PowerOn Call-Taker and Trouble Call Systems
  • PowerOn Mobile and Mobile Clients
  • XA/21 EMS, SCADA and SOE
  • XA/21 AGC/GD, TSM & DTS applications
  • SCADA, FEPS, RDBMS, Network and Security
  • ICCP SCADA Protocol Experts
  • Web Clients – WebView, EnterNet Suite, etc.
  • SimSCADA SCADA application simulator

Plant Information Systems

Onyx are Australasia's first GE Energy Solutions Provider
Certified in PowerOn FusionTM and PowerOn RelianceTM

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