Chief Database release notes provide information on the upgrades, bug fixes and improvements that have been implemented within Chief Database and Chief Software solutions.

25 March 2021: v2.0.76-997 (Ubuntu 18.04) and v2.0.76-996 (RHEL/CentOS 7)

 A point release containing bug fixes and minor improvements:

  • AC-440: add coordinates to now trigger watchers on symlink of symlinks.
  • CDB-500: fix bug were restapi coordinates were rounded. also replaced tab spacing with white spaces.
  • AC-438: various bug fixes to network status manager.
  • AC-380: added input checking for switch states within network status manager.
  • AC-439: fixed remove trigger causing chief_database segfault.
  • AC-380: added logging for device status inputs within network status manager.
  • AC-436, AC-404, AC-405, AC-437, AC-438, AC-380: fixed design flaw regarding switch changing states.
  • fixed RHEL 7 chief-web httpd config issues.
  • fixed chief-web slapd config on RHEL 7 (factory install, not docker): cp: cannot stat ‘/usr/share/doc/slapd/examples/DB_CONFIG’: No such file or directory.
  • AC-397: fixed bug when adding coords out of order to an empty point store causes coordinates to go missing.
  • CDB-473: enhanced Chief Database binary service get coords - wildcard alias, case-insensitive, max points, on-the-fly compression and overlapping features.
  • CDB-471: add point type search feature to cdbls.
  • CDB-470: improved restapi performance when selecting points by alias.
  • Various other minor bug fixes and spelling mistakes.

24 February 2021: V2.0.76.797 

  • AC-313: added Chief Calculator perl function to download a list of coordinates from CDB.
  • AC-369: fixed bug where Visualiser displays not always updating.
  • CDB-464: improve Visualiser performance on clients’ browser.
  • CDB-456: exposed overlapping restapi get coordinate services.
  • AC-366: hide Chief Calculator log message re symlinked points.
  • AC-319: added option for Calculator perl Point->coord to bypass cache and fetch latest data from CDB, also moved endpoint hard-coded to use Calculator config endpoint.
  • CDB-439: cdbrm recusive deletes (and Soap service) now deletes embedded symlinks.
  • AC-350: fixed bug where Chief Database segfaults when watching a point which has been deleted.
  • CDB-453: fixed bug where Chief Web TLS not configured correctly on Ubuntu 18.04.
  • AC-365: add feature on Chief DNP3 Master to disable event polling when doing integrity scanning only.
  • CDB-444: fixed bug where cdbbuild corrupts point store index file.
  • CDB-443: removed requirement to increase stack size on large point Chief Databases.
  • AC-351: fixed bug where network status manager fails when a switch doesn’t have any devices.
  • CDB-422: allow cdbc (and associated Chief Database SOAP service) to add ancestor points if they don’t exist.
  • AC-349: fix bug where network status manager fails to set status on startup.
  • AC-348: development preview for the Chief Network Status Manager, this daemon will set the state (energised or dead, and which network it is connected to) of connections (cable, busbar or lines), devices (loads, generators) and switches using a mesh-capable tracing algorithm and telemetry/manual switch status.
  • CDB-438: fixed licence error causing cdbbuild to fail on large point databases.

11 January 2021: V2.0.76.6RT32 

 Primary changes within this release were to fix MQTT data loss issue, and include:

  • Added a max queue size for inbound MQTT messages, this limits the number of in play MQTT payloads. There is also a flush size, which controls when more MQTT payloads are retrieved.
  • Fixed exception handing in main loop, this fixes some specific failure modes.
  • Fixed chunking in adding coordinates to Chief Binary Interface.

23 November 2020: V2.0.76.518 

  • CDB-378: fixed retention stats reporting for RESTAPI and cdbstat.
  • AC-213: dnp3_master errors on points which don’t have dnp3 point types.
  • CDB-432: MQTT alias changes improvements.

The following changes have been since the 23 November 2020 release V2.0.76.518.

  • CDB-435: MQTT data loss with large payloads.
  • CDB-432: bug fix related to alias changes from previous commit.
  • CDB-424: cdbrm add sym unlink and remove child/ancestor options.
  • AC-257: new RESTAPI service to get coordinates at a particular time, (at, before or after services).
  • CDB-414: cdbcrlf return code always error.
  • AC-230: added option to RESTAPI add coordinate service to remove any existing coords in timeboxed range – overwrite data.
  • Fixed cdbgc-u output.
  • Fixed segmentation failure when deleting coordinates in Chief.
  • DNP3 Master – only monitor changes to DNP3 points.