Chief Software Suite, your complete data extraction & analysis solution

Gather powerful asset performance insights of SCADA, Smart Meters, Fault Recorders or Communications Devices with our Chief software suite. Delivered on premise or via the cloud. 

The Chief suite of database, applications and tools is a modern SCADA system that allows you to:

  • extract real time status from your plant and devices
  • visualise status and control operation within the context of the complete system
  • record and trend history
  • have automatic or manual control; and
  • set up alarms, alerts and optimise plant maintenance, operation and planning. 

Chief provides a link between your staff and your plant

Chief is a master station or head-end system and has been built on the KISS (keep it simple stupid) philosophy enabling you to extract immediate value from Chief.

Collaboration was a key philosophy behind Chief. By sharing information easily and freely within your organisation, you can extract maximum value from your plant, from operations to planning to maintenance. These three discrete functions are usually separated, but they are very interdependent. Chief is the link. It is built on the same technology of the Internet, and it is easy to see the benefit of collaboration there. Chief is unique within the SCADA master station market, as its focus wasn't always on the now. History, although not always essential to operations is vital to maintenance and planning. 

Chief is currently utilised in Electricity Transmission and Distribution SCADA systems, Electricity Smart Grid systems, Mining and IT/OT equipment monitoring/alerting systems. It is commonly used as a Historian, however, it's easy to see data centres, manufacturing and other SCADA industries benefiting from its unique technology. 

The Chief Software Suite includes the following functions:

Chief Database

Chief Database (Chief DB) is a high performance real-time enterprise historian to store, sort, compress & retrieve time-series data in operational & informational environments.

Attributes include:

  • Time series, (temporal) historian database.
  • Does not leverage any other database technology for its main store.
  • Capable of storing 1 million updates per second and up to 1 million individual data points.
  • Unique sorting & caching design to optimise read & write performance.
  • Redo logging to minimise data loss in event of a hardware failure.
  • In flight compression can achieve 98% reduction in disk usage & client side rendering performance.
  • Compression algorithm maintains peaks & troughs, while smoothing interpolation between points.
  • Open standard SOAP/XML API interface.
  • Includes a suite of tools for administering the system.
  • Complete history online & accessible.
  • TLQ support to stop flat lining trends.
  • Hierarchical layout with Meta tags & symbolic links to provide complete data relationship flexibility.
  • Accurate to within one nanosecond, using double precision floating point value stores.
  • Server side management of datasets delivers consistent information to the desktop. No longer do customers need to embed business logic into desktop applications.
  • HA capable with shared disk (either SAN or DRBD) & cluster management software.
  • Cloud ready including SaaS option.
  • Certified to run on Red Hat Linux.
  • Chief DB holds all system configuration information.

Chief Web

A web-based user interface to chart, export, visualise & control points in real-time. Use Chief Web for operations and corporate reporting.

Attributes include:

  • Web 2.0 platform utilising HTML5, providing widest possible browser support.
  • Trend any point in the database, in real-time. Highly flexible and configurable. Use bookmarks to save and share trends.
  • Use the built in rendering module to save high quality chart images for reporting or display on corporate portals.
  • Template driven visualisation package produces custom animated displays.
  • Export to CSV for data analysis and manipulation via Excel.
  • Administration dashboard provides consolidated view of the health of the database.

Chief Calculator

A powerful, flexible, real-time calculation engine.

Attributes include:

  • Real-time calculation engine.
  • Powerful engine, capable of performing a very wide range of complex functions. Very extensive pre-built function library.
  • Calculations are performed in real-time, either triggered by point changes or on a periodic basis.
  • Dynamic, nested & tree structured trigger patterns possible. Drive complex outcomes with minimal development.
  • Extensive code and database caching for high-speed calculation performance.
  • Perl API included.

Chief SNMP Scanner

A SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) object collector.

Attributes include:

  • SNMP interface to periodically scan SNMP devices and save values to the database.
  • Chief Database holds all SNMP configuration.
  • Nested point data design to minimise duplication.

Chief GE PowerOn™ Fusion interface

A Real-time SCADA value & configuration interface.

Attributes include:

  • Real-time interface to publish PowerOn™ telemetered information directly into the Chief Database.
  • Component commissioned in PowerOn™ Fusion are automatically created in the Chief Database
  • Direct charting from the specific components on the PowerOn™ Fusion displays.
  • Automatic PowerOn™ Fusion hierarchy mirroring in Chief Database
  • Supports PowerOn™ Fusion HA design

Chief Silver Springs Network UIQ interface

A Smart Meter billing & power quality interface. 

Attributes include:

  • Real-time interface to publish UIQ export jobs to Chief Database.
  • Automatic point configuration inside Chief Database as new Meters come online in UIQ.
  • C1219 real-time power quality information (volts, amps, phase angles, frequencies, etc).
  • Revenue metering energy KW/h accumulated.
  • Chief Calculations to provide instantaneous measurements from accumulators.
  • Chief Web displays to provide individual metering information.

Companies who will benefit from using our technology include:

  • Transmission Network Service Providers (TNSPs)
  • Distribution Network Service Providers (DNSPs)
  • System Operators (ISOs/TSOs)
  • Energy Market Operators
  • Generation Companies/IPPs
  • Generation Retailer Companies (GenTailers)
  • Renewable Energy Generation Companies