Support and Maintenance

Specialist support and maintenance services

At Onyx, we understand that real-time systems need constant and proactive care and attention in order to achieve maximum availability and ensure they are, and continue to remain, in peak operating condition.

In our view, this care starts with selecting the right caregivers.  Not everyone is cut out for the task and not all support providers are created equal.  Some companies consider support as a lowly task for junior staff, but at Onyx we believe in the opposite.

Onyx's approach is to use our best and most disciplined staff to perform real time systems support.  Our team are trained specialists in their field of expertise with the right experience, know how, maturity and mind set to complete any support task with the utmost proficiency and professionalism.  The key to our team's support ethos is to embrace routine and the need to follow process, irrespective of pressure and the situation at hand.  It is the ability to remain calm and level headed and not cut corners.  And it is most definitely the mindset of adding value through a process of continuous improvement, automation of manual and error prone processes, and fixing something once properly.

Choose Onyx, for full end-to-end independent specialist support of your SCADA, EMS, MMS, DMS, OMS and AMI systems.

Services and Capabilities

Control and Market Systems 

  • SCADA, EMS and MMS strategic partner
  • DMS, OMS and AMI strategic partner
  • Full support and maintenance offering
  • System's design, specification and configuration
  • System's security and architecture
  • System installation, staging and testing
  • Commissioning, user training and documentation
  • Integration, interfacing and B2B services
  • Project, program and vendor management
  • Consultancy and advisory services
  • Strategy and planning
  • Modelling, simulation and optimisation

GE Specialist Capabilities

  • PowerOn Reliance EMS
  • PowerOn Fusion DMS, OMS and SOE
  • PowerOn Call-Taker and Trouble Call Systems
  • PowerOn Mobile and Mobile Clients
  • XA/21 EMS, SCADA and SOE
  • XA/21 AGC/GD, TSM & DTS applications
  • SCADA, FEPS, RDBMS, Network and Security
  • ICCP SCADA Protocol Experts
  • Web Clients – WebView, EnterNet Suite, etc.
  • SimSCADA SCADA application simulator

Plant Information Systems

Onyx are Australasia's first GE Energy Solutions Provider
Certified in PowerOn FusionTM and PowerOn RelianceTM

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